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The operation process of the exhibition design shows that the first step is to obtain the information of the participating customers, and the survey of the customers participating in the exhibition is the primary task of the customer information investigation. "Everything is difficult at the beginning," so we should pay special attention to the work. The goal of the enterprise usually have the following: (1) establish and maintain the company's image; (2) the development of the market and looking for new customers, (3) the introduction of new products or services; (4) identify agents, wholesalers or joint venture partners; (5) sales turnover; (6) research on the local market, the development of new products etc..

For mature exhibitors, although its fundamental purpose is to improve the product sales rate, obtain orders, expand market share, but they know that as a business organization is more influential than any kind of product strength, and exhibition as a neutral connection between the customer and the market of the bridge, to the professional audience as the most influential in addition to product performance and price, is the strength of enterprises. As a result, the usual standard, target model of mature exhibitors can be summarized as follows: focus on displaying the corporate image and promoting innovative products at famous exhibitions.

Exhibitors are required to identify the main objectives before exhibiting, and designers need to agree on their own design objectives with the goals of their participating customers. Exhibitors to participate in the exhibition aims to fully display their exhibits, the greatest degree to the audience transfer their own corporate culture, product characteristics and marketing concept, so as to strengthen and expand exchanges, accelerate the production and circulation of purpose. The exhibition designer's goal is to fully understand the needs of participating customers, the display needs of customers intuitively displayed, as shown in the following picture.

Exhibitors through the booth display, design company image and products

Knowledge development

According to the German Trade Exhibition and Expo committee (AUMA) a survey made known, enterprises to participate in the exhibition objectives can be divided into basic objectives, goals, objectives, product price promotion goals, sales targets for example, the famous German research institutions 1111 German economic information research institute registered Association 0F0) the world's largest mechanical engineering equipment once one of the world's international exhibition group exhibition held in the German Munich Exhibition Company (BAUMA) of the exhibitors "special investigation. The results show that in the target, improve business visibility is 85%, close to the old customers and meet new customers were 70%, through the exhibition promotional products, improve the market share of 63%, 60% for the introduction of new products, improve product visibility is 58%, the exchange of information is 50%, found that customer demand for 50%, influence customer decision 33%, finally signed the sales contract, accounted for only 29%.

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